Eden Prayers

When the mountain feels too steep and life seems to be more of a dark cloud than a beautiful sunrise, there is always hope in the darkness and light in the power of prayer.

Through my prayers over the last 32 years, I have learnt that firstly, God always hears, secondly, there is no prayer too small, and thirdly, he answers in mysterious ways and not always in the way we imagine. Sometimes it is through the lines of a song, a dream, a situation turned around, an in-explainable peace, a chance meeting with someone, a bible verse, a timing, a healing or a miracle! All we have to do is listen to the whispers...

The healing power of prayer is indescribable! Since starting to pray aged 7, I have lost count of the miracles I've witnessed, the healing that has taken place and the absolutely incredibly loving nature of God! It would be my biggest honour to be able to pray for you.

If you would like some support on your journey, we offer a bespoke prayer service. Simply email your prayer request (click here) and I will pray for your unique situation. Prayers will be spoken every Friday at 7pm (Spanish time) for any of the requests that week. You can choose to close your eyes in silence at this time or carry on with your life and just receive, knowing that God is hearing your prayers. You will receive a personal email shortly afterwards to let you know that your prayers have been spoken and I will share anything that I feel called to share with you. I will also light a candle at the time of prayer. You can share as little or as much as you like with me, you can even just say, 'yes, please pray for me.' God knows your situation. You don't need to believe in anything or 'do' anything, you have only to be you, exactly as you are, that is perfect.
Prayer Requests are donation based, please give as you feel able/lead:

(*The donation button is here because I have learnt that there should be an exchange for healing, just as any other area of life and because when things are classified as 'free' there is a tendency for people to think they somehow don't hold any value, which of course, is not true! If you feel able to donate the amount starts at £1*)


Olive Oil

Our famous Organic, Cold-Pressed Olive Oil straight from The Farm is available to buy in 1/2 litre, 1litre or 5 litre bottles:

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Handmade Gifts

Our handmade products are available to order. Dream Catchers can be made in any size or colour for the perfect gift:

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