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Our Story:

Eden Whispers' Art Farm is a little piece of paradise on earth, set in the Spanish Andalusian mountains. An organic orchard, a creative heaven and a Tiny House available to stay for a holiday, a peaceful retreat or an artists residency.


The Little Wooden House was self built by Elizabeth and was featured on Channel 4, George Clarke's Amazing Spaces.


Elizabeth runs Creative Workshops from the Art Farm to help people escape the stresses and pressures of everyday life and become more connected with their creativity. The Farm offers a peaceful, magical hideaway that inspires creativity and an inner journey to find the way back to who you really are. If you need a little help on your journey, you can place a prayer request through our gifts page.



''I felt completely at home, loved and welcome.'' NS


''Words can't explain how my creativity has come back , it was beautiful what I experienced..''' SM


''Eden Whispers you've just changed my life...I've realised you can break the rules.'' JG

"You inspired me to rediscover myself." VRV

"It felt so snug cocooned in my bed at night surrounded by myriad fruit trees and the night air." N

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Meet Elizabeth:  
''Elizabeth is a singer/songwriter, an artist and a 'general creative,' as she puts it humbly. She has a feminine delicacy and gentleness that also radiates from her when she sings. Many have heard and admired her beautiful voice, but none knew of the fierce determination with which she disappeared in to the depths of the Andalusian wilds for a year, to accomplish a dream many would consider impossible...building a breath-taking mini wooden home, which she designed and built alone, with no prior experience and on an equally tiny budget.''    Face The Current Magazine​

"Eden was a garden...the garden is a place to go for quiet contemplation, a source not only of food but also spiritual renewal and intimate contact with life's most basic processes." E.S